DMS Metering Solutions – Accurate Billing For Social Housing

June 26th, 2019

When it comes to mass metering for projects such as social housing or apartments, accurate billing is vital. Knowing how to split the bills and provide tenants with accurate billing is essential.

DMS Metering has been providing solutions for over 15 years, saving customers time and money, whilst delivering quality products and solutions. Our top recommended products for applications such as apartments and social housing include; Sontex 440 Heat Meter, the BK-G4 Gas Meter and the JS Smart + Water Meter.

The Sontex 440 Heat Meter

This range of heat meters is the most popular heat meter sold at DMS, with incredible accuracy, low maintenance and Superstatic technology. DMS have been the UK exclusive distributors for over 10 years, coming directly to us will guarantee you the best price and the best technical support.

BK – G4 Gas Diaphragm Meter
The legendary BK-G4 Gas Meter has now been measuring our gas for 30 years! 2018 marks a milestone year for a world-renowned meter! Over the years the BK-G4 has often been referred to as the ‘tin can’ or ‘The Old Reliable’ – we like to use the latter. The BK-G4 range sets the standard, with quality and accuracy at the very centre of the range. The BK-G4 is suitable for Natural Gas, Town Gas, Propane & Butane Air.

The JS Smart + Water Meter

The newly updated water meter, now with a retrofittable pulse! This popular water meter range has enjoyed great success in the UK for many years, and at the start of this year, it had an upgrade to enable pulse to be added or taken away at a later date. The JS Smart + – in sizes 15-20mm and is available in a hot or cold variant.

DMS can support you in your application. Give us a call – 01773 534555

Sontex SuperStatic 440