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Come & Meet our YouTube team!

Here at DMS we pride ourselves on innovation and perfecting, we feel that our YouTube channel is a perfect example of that. Launched back in April 2014 our YouTube channel has been directed at all customers but is on YouTube for everybody to see if they need questions answering about a product or if they […]

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Latest staff questionnaire with Lucy!

1. If you could, what would you change on a car to make it more futuristic?      Make it fly! Jet over all traffic & reach higher speeds! 2. What 3 things would you take to a desert island?      Food, drink & my phone 3. What/who is your favourite music band/artist?   […]

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DMS Staff Questionnaire – Deena Webster

1. If you could speak to any person dead or alive, who would it be?  I would like to speak to Maya Angelou, there are various questions I would like to ask her about her life, she was a fascinating person, from a Doctor to a Poet she really did it all 2. If you […]

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